A beginner’s guide for Product Attribute Targeting

As Amazon’s advertising business continues to grow, we’ve seen Amazon roll out more and more features into their advertising Campaign Manager. From new filters and bulk actions to adding portfolios, they are trying to improve the experience for sellers running PPC advertising on their platform. One of the most recent updates was the addition of Product Attribute Targeting or PAT.

PAT allows you to target users based on specific product attributes like brand, category, size, color, or price. You can also exclude certain attributes from being used by your campaign.


Amazon advertisers now have more control over how they target customers with Sponsored Product Ads using product targeting. With product targeting, it’s easier to reach shoppers as they browse detail pages and filter search results for specific products similar to yours.

Besides, shipping eligibility and product age; Category, Brand, Star Rating, and Price are also available as product attributes.


In my testing over the last few months, I have found that this targeting can do wonders for some products and niches and awfully fail for others. PAT is having extreme potential if it is executed and monitored according to search intent.

Here are my research and finding so good so far on Product Attribute Targeting or PAT.

If you are running a high-converting campaign and have been struggling with low CTRs, this feature could be something that helps you reach your target audience more effectively.


Sponsored Product Ads can be featured in

  • Search Results Pages
  • Product Details pages
  • Add to Cart pages
  • Checkout pages


Limitations of Product Attribute Targeting

  • Manual Campaigns
  • Keywords cannot directly complement PAT in the Ads group.
  • Only one Brand, Category, or ASIN can be used as a targeting option.
  • You can only review PAT Campaign performance only in 12 hours


Auto Targeting options with Product Attribute Targeting

  • Close-match: Your ads will be tailored closely to the search term.
  • Loose Match: Your ads will cover a relatively broad range of terms.
  • Substitutes: Your ads will appear alongside substituted products.
  • Complements: Your ads will be shown along with affiliated products.


Findings/ Takeaway

PAT is extremely Impactful if executed and monitored according to the search intent.

Targeting specific products is an effective way to optimize your Amazon sales. You can search for specific products, or you can upload a list of ASINs you’ve identified and use the Search function to find them.

Utilize PAT with brands and products in the same category with a similar description as the product you are advertising

Product Attribute Targeting allows sellers to target manual Sponsored Products campaigns based on ASIN, Category (brands, prices, and ratings), or other attributes that can help you reach more consumers. This helps you increase your click-through rate (CTR) and increase sales conversions.

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