Beginners Guide to Content Writing; How to Start Writing and How to Land First Writing job

Like our not-so-favorite YouTube Ad says, “Writing is not that easy, but..”

There was a time when Writing was considered a noble profession, and it was only for those who actually wanted to change the world and spread awareness/education.

Today, Writing is a job, and we will talk about the Content Writing or web writing required by every company/firm with a web presence.

 Why Become a Writer? If you are a fresh graduate or a student or want a low-pressure job with stable pay, Content Writing is for you.

Content Writing requires intermediate English knowledge, keyword placement knowledge, and some samples. Companies often are not bothered by the quality of content but the word count, so if you can write (be it mediocre), it means you are a writer. This type of Writing pays anywhere from $150 to upwards of $1,000 in Pakistan (monthly basis) depending upon the company, type of work, and your expertise.  


I started content writing in 2013 simply because I was better at English and loved tech writing. I used to do pseudo-tech reviews to pay for my Computer Sciences Degree. I then became a Reviewer/Writer for, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, and Editor/ Scopist for S&P Global Market Intelligence. Now I write for myself.

So to Get Started


Mostly the hiring managers for content writing positions are focused on three things;

  • Can you write well enough for readers?
  • Can you put keywords in the right place?
  • Can you complete the word count?

Let’s explore each of these points one by one and how to make sure that you are the suitable writer for that project/company.


Can You Write Well Enough?

Writing is a skill and is polished with time. When you pick up the pen or open up MS Word, you will need to figure out what to write or how to start. It is natural; it happens to all of us. How I started was I picked the topic I loved. For me, it was tech. I can go on about technology, cars, and mobiles all day, and that’s why I could ‘articulate’ my words well enough for a job.  

The first thing you should do is pick a topic you love. Now select any interesting article related to that topic. Read that article and then try to replicate it. It’s like copying someone’s homework but this time, make sure to explain the whole plot in your own words. Repeat this three times.

Then you start reading the same topic but by different writers. Read as many as you can in a day. Then the next day, write about that same topic from scratch.

Once you have written the new-from-scratch article, you will notice how that article is better than the first one you wrote and how this new article is a blend of those previous three articles.

You can repeat this exercise as long as you want until you feel ready


Can You Put Keywords in the Right Place?

Keywords are search terms that a person would enter and reach your website through your content. Your supervisor provides keywords, and you must use them X number of times in an article. Keyword placement guidelines change after every three months and are different for each company, so the best bet is to use the following points:

  • Keyword in Title.
  • One Keyword in the first three lines of the article
  • One Keyword in Heading 2 or 3
  • half part of the Keyword in the middle of an article, twice.
  • One Keyword in the conclusion/summary


Can You Complete the Word Count?

You will need to manage the word count one way or another. If you are working with an SEO or article writing company, you must submit 1,500 to 2,000 words daily. It will be hard for you if you are a starter, and that’s understandable.

A well-read person can make up words quickly.

You can speed up your Writing in the following ways:

  1. Read about the topics you have to write about daily. 
  2. Touch Typing, practice it.
  3. Some websites can help you become a touch typist.


How to Get a Job as a Content Writer?

Several portals can help you find a writing job, for example:

  1. Job Portals like Linkedin Job Portal,,
  2. Social Media groups such as Facebook Freelancers Group, Twitter Search,
  3. Freelancing portals include, Fiverr Gigs, Upwork Projects, and Catalogs. 
  4. Local Listings such as Olx, Facebook Marketplace

There are several writing companies always hiring, and Google Searches it.

For the job of content writing, the goal of the hiring manager is to hire someone:

  • Who can write good enough
  • Who can deliver content within the deadline
  • Whose Writing can help the website rank on Google.

The primary determinant in getting you hired will be your sample article. Most hiring managers will skip the cover and see just the sample. So your cover letter and sample article should revolve around the abovementioned points.


Write a Quick and Effective Sample Article

Sample Articles are a must-have for every article writer. If you did follow the first step, you should have plenty of articles on your favorite topic to attach to your job application. However, most hiring managers will give you a title on which to write a sample article. In such a scenario, do the following:

  1. Search that title on Google and select the three top articles shown.
  2. Read those articles carefully; there will be common points in those articles and note those common points.
  3. Notice the keyword placement in those articles.
  4. Start writing your article, use the knowledge you gained from those articles and explain the plot in your words.
  5. If you have practiced enough, you should be able to produce a readable mixture of top-listed pieces.
  6. Revise your article and send it. Hopefully, you will land your first writing job.

Never be discouraged

Everything has a start; if you start today, I assure you, you will be 100 times better after 100 days!

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