Amazon advertising is overgrowing. It continuously adds new features to make seller efforts more manageable.

In Sponsored Products campaigns, it recently added a new feature called “Expanded PAT.”



What is Expanded PAT in PPC?

It means this will allow you to expand your Product ASIN targeting to the item and be closely related to the original Product targeted.


How Does It Work?

Expanded Product Targeting in Sponsored Products helps you to discover additional products related to the items you are already targeting. For example, if you are targeting a coffee maker to promote your own item against, this feature will enable you to target items that are included substitutes (other Coffee Makers), Complements (Coffee Filters), and other items that shoppers may browse for along with the targeted Coffee maker.

In easy words, it will act as Limited Auto Campaign or a Close Match for PAT.



Is Expanded PAT Worth It?

So I tested the Expanded PAT for one of our products, and the results are non-conclusive. The date range was 23rd July – 3rd August, and what I’ve found out is the following:

1) 85% of the time, the Product you chose will target itself, so no research, just simple PAT; I got a RoAS of $0.95.

2) The expansion part, which is 15% of the investment, returned RoAS of $2,73 at the conversion rate (CT) of 21%, which is pretty neat.

3) So, All-in-all, at a 12% conversion rate, it is decent but could be more impressive.


Moreover, if you put more research into selecting ASINs and go with better criteria, you can sustain the E-PAT campaign at a 20% Conversion Rate.

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