What, Why, and How?

The hype about Amazon opening its operations in Pakistan in the past three months has taken the whole country by storm. All the top merchants in Pakistan are recruiting people for Amazon, but What exactly is Amazon, and how will the end user benefit from it?

Amazon is the largest internet company by revenue in the world. Amazon focuses on e-commerce, Web Services, and Digital Streaming services. For this article, we will be focusing on e-commerce Services provided by Amazon.

So Amazon allows users to sell their products to 200 million active users. You can be anywhere and receive the order in the shortest delivery time possible, but that’s different from why everyone is excited about it.

People are excited because they will be able to become Amazon Seller, which is a very efficient system, and if you do it right, you can be a millionaire in a matter of months, let me tell you how.


How to Start?

Amazon has over 200 million buyers daily, but there are not enough sellers. Many products are either

  • Overpriced
  • Sub-Standard
  • Delivered Late
  • Not Sold

And that’s where you come in.

You are to become a seller on Amazon and provide the products that customers need. Here’s How:


Each of the below-mentioned points is a separate detailed article

  • The First step that you need to do is to identify products that would sell great on Amazon.
  • Once you have identified that ‘product,’ head over to the world’s biggest supplier center, Alibaba, and look for suitable suppliers for that product.
  • Now, you head to Amazon and register yourself and (possibly your brand). You need to ensure you have inventory ready and calculate the correct profit cost after all expenses (warehouse, account cost, advertising cost, branding cost. misc.)
  • You list your product with information on inventory, delivery method, and all. You cannot list a product and expect to start getting sales, so you must have both external and internal selling and review strategies to get your product noticed.
  • Internal Strategies: you can offer coupons and discounts and leverage Amazon Marketing Services. AMS is an Advertising service provided by Amazon for Amazon; you can get your product on top for a price.
  • Externally, you can leverage other programs such as Google’s Traffic, Facebook’s Traffic, and other methods to get sales on the product.
If you do it right and your product starts selling, it will become the most significant income stream, but if you do it wrong, you will lose.
You can spare yourself this hard work hire Amazon Service Provider (freelance or Agency). They’ll make sure that everything is done correctly—and they’ll do it with speed and efficiency, and all you can do is sit back and watch your revenues grow.

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